Virtual & Augmented Reality Training

Immersive Hands on training with Commercial workplace experience and Credits in a published game.

The is the fast way into the best VR or AR job

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  • Hands on VR & AR training

  • Full and Part time courses

  • Gain vital workplace experience

  • Work with industry leaders

  • Build & Publish commercial apps


"This type of hands on industry focused VR and AR training is a game changer.

It gives the work experience employers are asking for while you get trained."


Virtual and Augmented Reality Training delivers VR and AR training that empowers you to get a job in the booming Virtual and Augmented Reality technologies sectors.  Forbes reports an 800% increase in VR jobs.

“In just three short years, Vancouver’s VR/AR industry ballooned from six studios to nearly 200 players in an integrated, thriving ecosystem,” said Nancy Basi, Executive Director of Film and Media  at the Vancouver Economic Commission. “This exponential growth requires talent – smart, experienced, innovative talent. The establishment of a VR academy designed and developed by industry professionals in partnership with existing educational facilities is a huge, positive step for Vancouver’s future as it nurtures the homegrown talent pool it needs to become a leader among global VR/AR hubs.”

The VR and AR industry is growing rapidly and the can help you to get into this exciting tech industry.

"Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Realities are changing the world as dramatically as the internet and smart phones have.  ​The people who know these technologies will have a huge advantage in the marketplace."


Summer 2018 Full-Time

Experience/hands-on VR & AR training. Monthly intakes Limit 5 students

Weekend & Evening Part-Time

Part-time hands-on learning in VR & AR.  Includes training courses - UX for VR & UI for VR


Virtual Reality

Develop and launch Virtual Reality games sold on STEAM &/or Oculus etc. Hands-on, job readiness skills and commercial experience.

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Augmented Reality

Develop and launch Virtual Reality games sold on iTunes or G. Play. Hands-on, job readiness skills and commercial experience in a rapidly growing market.

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VR & AR Combo

Learn to develop AR & VR games and apps at a commercial standard to get a job in rapidly growing market.  Get your name listed in the game/app credits

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Essential UX for VR

Learn designer thinking to adapt the principles of UX to a 3D world. Consider new forms of input, physicality, different senses, and how UI fits in three dimensions.

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Essential UI for VR

Hands on learning about movement in VR and objects interaction.  Build a commercial grade game/app to launch in Oculus store. Get job ready skills.

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Building Mobile VR Apps

Evening & Weekend Courses. Build mobile VR games - Oculus Go, Samsung Gear VR, Google Daydream & Cardboard. Coding experience needed

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