FAQ - Full Time Program

The VRAR Full-time course is:

  1. A place for leaders and success driven people
  2. A diverse and inclusive place where people excel 
  3. A place that facilitates rapid learning
  4. Results focused and outcome driven environment
  5. An opportunity for you create the next best selling VR game or AR app
  6. A chance to work with leaders and a team focused on creating your success story. 
  7. NO classroom learning - its all hands on
  8. No “pretend” projects.  We only do real projects that are commercial quality
  9. No lessons or homework
  10. No slacking off - this is learning in the real world. We are all on a mission and you need to want to be part of the success.


Fees for the program are $3,950 (plus tax)  for the 3 months (12 weeks) program.


You will receive a certificate at the completion of the program that will showcase the 3 key areas of learning:

  1. Virtual Reality development & deployment or
  2. Augmented Reality development and deployment and
  3. Agile development

Job Advantage

Your certificate is important, but here are three things that are far more highly valued by any future employer:

  1. You have your name in the game credits that are on the main VR and AR stores.  Employers know the high standards and rigorous processes in evaluating games that companies like Oculus and iTunes undertake.
  2. You have 3 months of working in a development studio working alongside experts in this field.
  3. You have rapid development skills.  Startups love this, big business wants this.

The Application Process

Every applicant must interview.  With the unique education, rapid development and team focused experience that we offer, we need to make sure each applicant:

  1. Fully understands what they are enrolling in
  2. Totally understands their commitment and our expectations
  3. Is suited for the rapid learning and development world they are entering.

To begin the application process, please contact us 

The Application Process outlined here

Who is VRAR.academy best suited to?

This is not a class designed for absolute coding beginners.  It is best suited to people who have some experience with code and who are looking for a fast entry point into a rapidly growing career in a new technology.

What (if any) languages do I need to know?

Having done some programming before will definitely give you an advantage.  We do take self-trained people though generally, we are taking people who have done some programming before.  It is an advantage if you have done Unity, in fact before you begin we will send you a few things to complete - just to make sure we are all on the same page and we can get into the projects quickly.

Do you use Unity or Unreal engine?

Development is done in Unity.

Enrollment Dates

Upon successful application, we will schedule start dates.  We have rolling entry dates according to applications and project builds.

How many students are in my class?

Firstly you will not be in a class.  You will be working as a team with other students to build VR games and AR apps. You might be undertaking your training within small teams including experienced programmers and trainees. We like to mix things around to ensure that you get experiences on various technologies and projects which highlighting the areas that you are best at.

Every participant will have or will complete some Unity coding experiences.  

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To keep our prices low we encourage students to purchase and use their own equipment.  We want to see students undertake projects in their time and continue to develop past the completion of their time with us, so having their own equipment just makes sense.

VR program - you will need:

  • VR ready laptop that can run the later versions of Unity.  
  • VR development - a mobile headset.  We prefer the Oculus Go ($269 CAD / $199 USD).

AR program - you will need:

  • Laptop that can run the later versions of Unity.  Typically VR ready is good.
  • AR development - a phone that can run ARCore or ARKit - check the specs of your phone.

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Will completing the VRAR.academy help me get a job?

  1. Virtro is a rapidly expanding company and always looking for talent and enthusiastic knowledgeable people to employ.
  2. The VRAR.academy will help you to get your resume looking good and get it out to the right people to get the best jobs.  Just having commercial experience with a game on one of the VR or AR stores will give you a solid base to go after any position.

Are there discounts & scholarships available?


  • Members of the Vancouver VR Community and VRAR.Association may request $100 discount.
  • Under Represented groups, Minorities and Women may request $100 discount as we are keen to support a diverse and inclusive VR developer community

Get more information

Send your details and which course you are interested in and we will send you some more information.  Let's get the ball rolling today.

International Students

Fees are the same for domestic and international students at this time.

Note: If you are an international student you must seek the appropriate visa’s.  

Please see the Canadian Visa website for details.  

We do not offer any assistance with travel, visa's or accommodation.  You must take full responsibility for you travel and time in Canada.

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