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The full time program at provides you:

  1. Hands-on training - no classes room or staged projects
  2. Training in a commercial workplace
  3. 3 months working experience to ready you for entry level positions (or higher with previous experience)
  4. Fast track path to job
  5. Industry mentors to guide and support you
  6. Showcase your work through recognised portals - iTune and Oculus
  7. Your work is tested and validated to industry standards
  8. Small cohort groups - 5 students per team. 
  9. Work experience and credibility to show employers that has industry recognition.
  10. Learn cutting edge as the technology through this powerful and disruptive model that fast tracks success.

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2018 Full-Time

Hands-on VR/AR Learning

Monthly intakes of 5 students

T: M-F, 9am - 5pm

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Virtual_reality_development_class2_P_r offers: ​

  • Real app development, no project work
  • Your name listed in the credits of the games made.  These will be sold all over the world.
  • Internationally recognized coding standards - tested by companies like Oculus and iTunes
  • No boring classes or fake projects
  • Work with a team of experienced developers
  • Learn Agile Development for rapid development and deployment
  • Learn Lean methodology used by startups and innovation teams
  • Be a productive member of effective team
  • Learn from experts in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
  • Experience, knowledge, and released games to present to future employers
  • Confidence that you know how to get the job done

Student Benefits

Provide students with an experiential learning semester which offers :

  1. Experiential learning in the following subjects:
    • Virtual Reality Development
    • Augmented Reality App Development
    • Research and Development in frontier technology - innovating
  2. Game Developer Credits - Industry recognized commercial credits on VR and AR applications students can readily showcase and leverage for employment on graduation
  3. Practical experience working in new technologies including
    • Commercial XR game design and development
    • A range of VR and AR hardware and devices
    • Rapid prototyping for VR / AR
    • Latest optimization techniques and usability standards are required by  vendors such as Oculus, Apple, Google
  4. Team Leadership opportunities
  5. Meeting and training with industry leaders throughout the program
  6. Foundation skills for entrepreneurs to create their own tech startups
  7. Introduction to LEAN Start-up methodologies
  8. Strategies for solving the unsolvable
  9. Employers confidence that students have theoretical and practical industry experience
  10. A clear understanding of the benefits they bring to future employers
  11. Credentials and confidence to work in an innovation department in a corporation
  12. A true sense of achievement
  13. A chance to have fun while working in a nascent industry, using exciting technology that is pushing boundaries on a daily basis.

As we move forward into an experience focused world, experiential learning will be the norm. The program gives students the advantage of learning for today’s fast paced new technology world.

Student Portfolio

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Student Contribution Showcase.


2018 Full-Time

Hands-on VR/AR Learning

Monthly start dates

T: M-F, 9am - 5pm

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Students Who Will Most Benefit from Reality Developer Semester

Students choosing to undertake this experiential learning semester value the learning and industry knowledge they will gain by working within a start-up business that is on the cutting edge of VR and AR development technology, employs rapid development and deployment strategies for commercial applications and highlights the challenges and rewards of working in smaller startup business.


This practical and real world experience is ideally suited for students that:

  1. Want hands on experience in real world applications so they can move into leading positions within the rapidly expanding VR, MR and AR industry.  
  2. Want to work in the innovations department of a larger organisation that is simulating the fluid and agile development and deployment strategies that small business enjoy
  3. Are thinking about starting their own business and want to get the broadest and best experience to best prepare them.
  4. Are focused on R&D in its application and development in frontier and innovative technologies

This program is not well suited to students who are not interested in the challenge of researching and developing new ways of dealing with new problems.  

This is frontier development and it presents students with daily challenges, tight deadlines and something new every day.


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