Make VR and AR Your Reality

Virtual reality is a hot topic. Seriously hot. With the VR and AR device market set to reach 1.8bn in 2018, and with massive institutional support from conglomerates, Facebook, Google and Apple, this technology is practically predestined for glory.

Why should I care?

This technology will be extremely disruptive. Marketing, education, retail, healthcare, entertainment, architecture, travel, law, media, automotive industries… the list truly does go on. We are on the cusp of the XR revolution, and when the spatial era arrives, you’ll need to be technically prepared.

How can I learn? 

With technology employers crying out for candidates with experience and newly qualified students chomping at the bit for their first break into the high-technology industry; there’s a clear discrepancy. We saw that need. That’s whyVirtro created the VRAR.Academy. A training centre to offer students hands-on, intensive training plus the all-important industry experience that employers want!

When can I start?

We’re now taking applicants for our September cohort beginning September 10 – Dec 7. You can check out our course syllabus here!

We look forward to seeing you all soon!



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