Part-Time Programs

Course Selection - Part Time (Evening and Weekend)


Essential UI for VR

Learn about the basic concepts & technologies of VR Interaction.  Hands on learning about movement in VR and object interaction.

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Building Mobile VR Apps

Evening & Weekend Courses. Build mobile VR games - Oculus Go, Samsung Gear VR, Google Daydream & Cardboard.  Coding experience needed

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Essential UX for VR

Learn designer thinking to adapt the principles of UX to a 3D world. Consider new forms of input, physicality, different senses, and how UI fits in three dimensions.

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Course Schedule and Fees

All courses require attendance in person. Location: Harbour Centre, Vancouver, Canada.

Building Mobile VR apps

(Weekend or Evening Class)

Build mobile VR games for

  • Oculus Go,
  • Samsung Gear VR,
  • Google Daydream & Cardboard.

Some programming / coding experience necessary.

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Upcoming Dates

Sat Sept 8 / 5 wks  9am-5pm. $995 plus tax.

Mon  Sept 8 / 10 wks 6pm-9pm. $995 plus tax.

Limited-Offer 2

Launch Special: $750* (plus tax) 
*no other discounts may be applied

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Essential UI for VR

(Weekend or Evening Class)

Learn about the basic concepts & technologies of how the user interacts when in a Virtual Reality headset.

This is a hands on learning program about movement in VR and how objects interaction.

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TBA,  6-9pm/4 wks. $695 plus tax.

Essential UX for VR

(Weekend or Evening Class)

Learn designer thinking to adapt the principles of UX to a 3D world.

Consider new forms of input,

  • physicality,
  • different senses,
  • and how UI fits in three dimensions.

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Upcoming Dates

TBA,  6-9pm/4 wks. $695 plus tax.


Launch Special: $395* (plus tax) 
*no other discounts may be applied

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Launch Special: $395* (plus tax) 
*no other discounts may be applied

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Part-Time Courses

Our part time program will give you a general skill-set for VR development.  They are the perfect program for motivated people:

  1. with some programming/coding experience who are looking for a career change and a way to move into the VR space
  2. who want the basic skills to bolster out their career offering in another discipline for example health, manufacturing, real estate or architecture.  There are many industries looking for expertise in their fields and an understanding of VR technology.
  3. currently attending university who want to fill out their Computer Science degree a specialization in VR
  4. with a business idea who need fundamental VR skills to help market, promote or sell their product.

Our part-time courses are fast paced, hands on, highly productive, project based programs that will be producing working prototypes in a short timeline.


Part Time FAQ

Are there discounts & scholarships available?


  • Members of Vancouver VR Community and Van VR Hub  may request $100 discount.

...and YES - these associations are free to join.

Please do join - these associations are open to everyone to join and it helps to build the Vancouver VR ecosystem with grassroots supporters.

  • Under Represented groups, Minorities and Women may request $100 discount as we are keen to support a diverse and inclusive VR developer community

We would prefer you only claim one discount (we are a start-up business) however if you have genuine hardship at funding your learning, please email or phone us.  We want to help everyone succeed in this space.
********Sorry - cant be applied to discounted courses*********

Do I need to bring my own equipment?

Yes. In all classes we expect students to have their own equipment.  It is especially relevant to the part time classes as we expect you to continue working on your projects outside of class time.

You need:

  1. A computer that can run a late version of Unity and if you are doing a VR course,
  2. A VR Headset:
    • An Oculus Go Headset (Canadian $269 / USD $200).  We highly recommend this option!
    • OR
    • A GearVR Headset IF you have an Samsung 7 or 8 phone that supports ARcore.

This will allow you to continue building and working from home.  We want to be able to help you learn as much as you can while you are in this program.

Will I learn how to code and will my name be in game credits?

Yes.  You will learn to code in C# and you will make VR games.  These are online project based games designed to teach you the fundamentals in the short time we have together.

And No.  In the part-time Intro to VR program you will be building projects within an online training system.  We have chosen to use this system to enable you to work with supervised support in class and then to continue building your projects as home with video and online help.

What will classes look like?

Each week you will have:

  1. Instructor lead projects to complete in class.
  2. Review of home work
  3. Time allocated with the instructor to help you with additional projects you are choosing to undertake for extra learning.


Our admission process is designed to ensure that you are a good fit for the our program.  The Steps are:

  1. Request more information
  2. We'll call.  It's an informal chat about you and us.
  3. Let's hook you up to talk to one of our instructors so we can both learn more.
  4. Here's the application form....and a deposit please
  5.  We will send you some suggested prep material.

Are there additional projects if I complete the ones in class?

Yes, there are additional projects for those who want to maximise their learning in the program.

Are the classes tailored to my level?

Yes.  We have chosen to offer the classes using an online format as this offers maximum flexibility, takes into account various skill level and considers that some will have more time than others to commit to the training.

Can I access additional learning once the program is complete?

Yes. You will continue to have access to the course material after than allocated class time has finished so that at your own pace you can continue making projects.

Should I do the full time program after I complete the part-time course?

Yes. We strongly encourage you to enroll in the full time course after you have undertaken the part time course as this will better equip you for a rewarding full time role in VR game development.

The part-time course will give you a good strong set of foundation skills ready for you to build on.  The full time program will give you a strong skill set and a high level of experience to jump start a career in VR.

Next Steps... is providing in depth learning experiences and real world game credits for people who want to get into Virtual and Augmented Reality positions.