Virtual Reality Game for Console/PC

Run Dorothy Run VR

​Run, jive, and bob your way through the world of Oz to an electro-swing soundtrack, while the story unfolds. Explore fantastical lands as you journey through 16 levels. On your way, enjoy the Emerald City, the Scorched Plains, the Wicked Witch's castle, and more.

Mobile VR (Samsung Gear, Oculus Go, Google Daydream & Cardboard)

Zombie Donuts VR

Throw out those day-old donuts; they don’t just go stale – they zombify! In a world of sugar and candy, these undead-donuts will swarm you by the baker’s dozen! But don’t fear, you’ve got your trusty marshmallow blaster to slow ‘em down and knock ‘em out! Collect points and power ups to complete the levels so you can let your friends know who can pummel the most pastry!

Augmented Reality - iTunes, Google Play

ConqAR - Augmented Reality strategy game

In a far-flung future, the rival factions war over resources. Warp in your troops onto hover-pads to create a line of 3, winning the match. Turn based and free-for-all matching options to suit your playstyle. Find a busy surface to anchor your game to.

AR - iTunes, Google Play

Tedden - AR Teddy Street Fighter game

Who will be the toughest teddy in town! Tedden is a Augmented Reality fighting game. Based on a tournament style progression, the player’s teddy bear character unlocks new fighters, locations as they win fights around the neighbourhood.

VR - Mobile VR (Samsung Gear, Oculus Go, Google Daydream & Cardboard)

No Horizon - VR space flight simulator shooter

Space Squad is a Virtual Reality space flight/fight simulator. Based on sandbox flight simulators, players must navigate around 3D space in a starship, while completing objectives. Single player and multiplayer co-operative and competitive modes.

Mobile VR  & AR Game

Juzzle VR / AR jelly sokoban puzzler

Juzzle is a VR / AR fun jelly cube puzzler.  Based on classic sokoban, Juzzle is a casual game in which the player pushes jelly cubes around the board, trying to get them to the targets.

AR - iTunes, Google Play

Hugs n Kisses AR tic-tac-toe game

Hugs 'n kisses, hugs n' kisses!
Three in a row, there you go!

Your sweetie will swoon for an AR game of Tic Tac Toe.
Perfect for those awkward first dates, and stagnant marriages!